My service covers a wide spectrum. However my speciality is Guitar amps, effects and pedal boards.

service1 Ampservice

I have among others collaborated on the amplifier design for Hughes and Kettner. Also the switches and certain details that I developed are found in the amplifiers from the companies Petersburg and Novik. Additionally companies such as FUCHS AMPLIFICATIONS and HERITAGE AMPS used my recommendations for switch changes.


service2 Effectunits
I repair and modify all forms of effect pedals. That goes from True Bypass conversions to modifying the behaviour of the effect or swapping the converters for digital devices.


service4 Pedalboards

I will plan and realise your own pedal board with you. From the planning through the construction and assembly I will agree everything with you. In this regard, small boards for a blues/rock band to complex looper/switcher solutions are possible.
I lay particular worth on hum-free power supplies and preferably loss free reproduction of the guitar signal. I lay particular worth on hum-free power supplies and preferably loss free reproduction of the guitar signal.

Here are some of my projects explained:  PEDALBOARDS


service3 techn. equipment
Through my experience, my service is by no means limited to technical guitar equipment. I can also provide qualified service for all forms of equipment such as amps, mixers, 19" peripherals etc.


Neben meinen eigenen Produkten und individuellen Servicearbeiten, biete ich mittlerweile auch Standardmodifikation für diverse Amps und Effekte an.

Dabei könnt Ihr mir die Geräte vorbeibringen zuschicken, oder im Falle eines Neu- oder beispielsweise Ebaykaufs direkt zu mir liefern lasse. Ich mache die vereinbarte Modifikation und schicke Euch das Gerät dann zu. Im Gegensatz zu individuell vereinbarten  Modifikationen, steht hier der Endpreis für meine Arbeit schon von Anfan an fest, da ich hier den Aufwand und ggf den Materialpreis schon kenne und kalkulieren kann.

Nachfolgend möchte ich Euch einige ausgewählte Modifikationen vorstellen. Narürlich wächst diese Liste ständig, also wenn ihr etwas vermisst, fragt im Zweifel einfach mal telefonisch bei mir nach.


Here are 3 customer projects I realized.


Pedalboard I

Through the use of a second level, even large boards can be made with minimum space requirements. With larger pedals such as WahWah or volume pedals, the second level can be ausgeklingt.

All cables, connections and the power supply can be hidden under the second level.


Pedalboard II

Here is a smaller board. Of course it can be ordered with a suitable flightcase. So only the cover has to be removed befor you can start.

All cable, plugs and the power supply are mounted unseen beneath the 2nd floor.


Pedalboard III

A great solution for the ambitious top 40 guitarist. The set up functions using Velcro on the pedal train frame. All effects hang in the 8 effect loops of the looper. The first 4 devices  (compressor, dual drives & booster) are connected through the split function of the looper before the amp, while the Modulation units and the delay are connected through the effect loop.
Strymon units are therefore switched via Midi and the Dual Drives are controlled by the switch function of the Looper.
The modular system of the Gig Rig is the used as power supply.
Using the Velcro solution it's possible to simply change individual devices.