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The Dual Drive - more than just a Pedal !!


The Dual Drive is not just an ordinary Verzerrer Fuzz box.  It is a preamp that is connected to an amp adjusted to "clean" or a single channel amp. It turns a single channel into a 3-channel amp. The distortion is comparable to that from expensive boutique-amps that can easily cost more than 10 times more than the Dual Drive. Many user claim that the Dual Drive sounds at least as good if not better than many valve amps.

  • Every channel has drive and volume controls and 4x sound adjustment
  • Even closer to amp sound
  • With connection to external switching
  • Individual adjustment via jumper
  • Resonance frequency adjustable for each channel
  • With battery compartment NEW
  • Free modification for new customers, even after the guarantee period.
  • But: There is no claim on it
  • No modifications on used units

Price: 450,-€ including 19% VAT zuzüglich 9,-€ delivery cost inside germany.

I reserve the rights to make technical changes and changes to the design.